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OneQode Cloud (OCS) is a high-performance cloud platform served over OneQode's low-latency global network.

With OCS, you can host and deliver games, real-time applications and compute-intensive services to users across three continents.

What makes OneQode Cloud different?

  • High-performance All CPUs on our cloud platform operate at 3.7 GHz or greater, giving you more power to run game servers and compute-intensive workloads

  • Dedicated threads Each vCPU represents a dedicated CPU thread, exclusive to you and not shared with other customers.

  • Latency-optimized network Your traffic is served over the OneQode network, built from the ground-up for gaming and real-time applications.

  • OpenStack powered Built on an open-source foundation, our platform is broadly interoperable with existing DevOps toolkits, and brings with it a wide ecosystem of developers, documentation and projects.

Get started

If you don't already have one, sign up for a OneQode Cloud account.

Accessing OneQode Cloud

From the OneQode Billing dashboard, click the link "Access OneQode Cloud".

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