Create a snapshot

What are snapshots?

A snapshot is a mechanism that allows you to create a new image from a running instance. This mainly serves two purposes:

  1. As a backup mechanism Save the main disk of your instance to an image and later boot a new instance from this image with the saved data.

  2. As a templating mechanism Customise a base image and save it to use as a template for new instances.

Simply put, you can create snapshots of instances that are configured just the way you want them! No more manually configuring each new instance. You can create more instances from the snapshot or you can save them as a backup.

How to create a snapshot

There are two ways to create snapshots in . The first way is through the browser.

From the dashboard, on the left main navigation bar go to Cloud → Instances. From there, click on the running instance you would like to create a snapshot of.

Then, click on “Snapshots” on the menu and “Create Snapshot”. A window will pop up.

Finally, pick a name for the Snapshot and then click “create”.

Your snapshot job will then be queued for completion.

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