Installing an OS remotely

Installing an OS remotely using BMC

Getting started

Then log in to the BMC panel using the IP address and login credentials provided by OneQode in your support ticket.

If it's your first time logging in, please change the provided login credentials for security

Open the KVM console

In the left hand navigation panel, navigate to "Remote Control", then select "KVM & SOL".

Then select "Launch KVM".

Load the netboot image

Click "Browse File" and select the "" you downloaded earlier.

Then click "Start Media" to load the image.

Reboot the server

Click Power → Reset Server

You should then see the following screen after netboot has initialized:

Download your image within netboot

Under "Distributions" select "Linux Network Installs (64 bit)"

In this guide, we'll select AlmaLinux → AlmaLinux8.7 → AlmaLinux 8.7 graphical installer — however you can select any distribution you like here.

Then wait until it gets into the Alma's installation wizard.

Sometimes you may be on the below screen for 5-10 min

If this process takes longer than 15 minutes, reboot the server and repeat this step

Configure settings

In the installation wizard, select your desired language, time zone, software selection, and your root password.

Then select "Begin Installation"

Once this is complete, reboot the system and you'll be presented with a black login screen — the installation is finished and you're good to go.

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